After rains!!

I’m not a rainy person, as in … I like rains but I’m not the kind of person who enjoy getting drenched.
I like watching rain from the comfort of my balcony. I can watch it standing there for hours…I will have the same feeling when I watch waves at the sea. No amount of goodness can pull me away from it except for my daughter
After rains are always different for different ppl , it could be lot of traffic to the one traveling, it could be lot of water assembled to the one who do not have well paved roads, it could be a hot cup of chai to a tea lover, it could also be a hot beverage to a foodie, it could also mean the rhyme “rain rain go away” to the ones like my daughter
For me, it’s like a cleanse that happens not only to your surroundings but to you as well.
Rains not only wash away the dirt from the threes and your surroundings but it also helps you see things more clearly, I especially have more clear thinking post rains. To be precise, this one that you are reading is written post rain … sitting in my balcony in a single go.
Rains are also a strong example which demonstrates that – nothing is permanent, not the rain, not the clouds, not the water, and definitely not your problems. I stop and look at my daughter who has so many questions about rains and that fills my heart…. I always wanted her to grow more sensitive to the nature than I am. I’m no good at it but I don’t damage anything’s that surrounds me consciously which itself is the minimum that we could leave for our children. I just hope she gets what I am getting … as in the surrounding environment.



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